~=~2003-08-24-=-11:38 p.m.~=~

So yeah, some of my stress has supressed itself. Cool, I won't have to worry about it until it pops into my head later this week. I am extremely tired, I have no Idea why I am online. I think its because I am talking to this chick from corona that is really cool. But other than that, I needed to write a little bit.

I had to do inventory last night. So about 11 pm I headed up there. It was Isaiah, Greg, Jesus, and myself doing the inventory... I got really nervous when I got there because I didn't know if we were gonna get done because Greg and Isaiah like to debate a lot. So I had Jesus and myself get right to work before everyone got off track. It worked. Greg and Isaiah came out and went to work. We got done about 7:30 am on Sunday morning and we talked for about an hour after about the separation of religion and government. If anyone has a logical reason why in the brooklyn art museum( a gov't funded museum) can have a painting of a man peeing on a cross laying in manure, and the gov't is making the state of Alabama take a scupture of the 10 conmandments be taken out of a park. I just want to hear some peoples feedback.

So I start training tomorrow, so I should really get to bed. I know I haven't been writing much, but hey, better than nothing. Kay, I better go now..